6 Pros of Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Plans

Medicare Supplement Plans of the same letter must offer the same standard benefits. That means you can rest assured that you are receiving the same benefits regardless of the company you choose.
Medicare Supplement Plan G is currently the most popular. This plan fills in most gaps Original Medicare creates and leaves you with a $203 Part B deductible. After that deductible, you generally pay nothing for most services.
Medicare Supplement Plans cover you for any provider in the United States that accepts Medicare (a vast majority do). So have no worries about following a network to receive the care you need.
Love to travel? Medicare Supplement Plans offer the same coverage anywhere in the United States. Many plans also offer coverage when you are traveling outside the country.
Many Medicare Supplement companies offer generous household discounts when you and your spouse purchase a plan from the same company. This helps you save well-earned money.
Your Medicare Supplement plan is guaranteed renewable. This means that you get to keep the same comprehensive coverage year after year, even if your health declines. That's peace of mind.
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